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Our 1940 Cabin Waco VKS-7

We have 44 years of experience in aviation and training including airline Basic Indoc, Initial, and Recurrent subjects for pilots and dispatchers; Crew Resource Management; System Safety; Emergency Equipment; ATC, FARs/Ops Specs, Weather, Navigation & Charts, Collision Avoidance, Instrument Procedures, SMGCS, Aerodynamics, DG, Security, Winter Ops, MEL/CDL, CFIT, ICAO Phraseology, CR3/E6B, Intl Ops, Altimetry, Runway Incursions, Safety Management Systems, Fundamentals of Instruction, Windshear, Air Transportation Supervisor, & the ASAP Program.

In addition, we teach one-on-one 1-day FAA computer test prep classes nationwide for the Airline Transport Pilot and Aircraft Dispatcher exams.

Fearless Froggy offers air transport system manuals, videos, DVDs, audio cassettes, and cockpit panels in our Bookstore.


Danny Mortensen, President